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Vermont Oxford Network is now supporting Cochrane Neonatal to provide the community of practice and VON members convenient access to Cochrane reviews. VON’s support ensures that evidence-based, regularly updated, systematic reviews of the effects of therapies in neonatal-perinatal medicine remain available to the public. 

Starting in Summer 2018, you will be able to access full Cochrane Neonatal systematic reviews through the VON website.

Our Reviews

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By subtopic:

Blood and Hematopoietic Disorders (15)
Cardiovascular Disorders (24)
Gastrointestinal Tract Disorders (21)
Infection (33)
Postnatal Bacterial Infections (20)
Intravascular Access (24)
Neonatal Jaundice and Liver Disorders (21)
Neurologic Disorders (26)
Nutrition and Metabolism in the High-Risk Neonate (77)
Enteral Nutrition (45)
Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation (19)
Respiratory Disorders (143)
Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (Chronic Lung Disease) (20)
Mechanical Ventilation and Respiratory Support (50)
Respiratory Disorders in Term Infants (18)
Respiratory Distress Syndrome (28)
Pulmonary Surfacant (20)