Upcoming Webinars

Save the Date!  Wednesday, January 11th, at 3pm EST

In partnership with Vermont Oxford Network's Grand Rounds, Cochrane Neonatal is pleased to invite you to the seminar titled, The infant and family experience in neonatal intensive care: management of acute procedural pain.

Although lifesaving, the stress of intensive care on critically ill neonates can negatively impact their outcome and development. The stresses inherent to neonatal intensive care include the need for frequent painful procedures, the pain associated mechanical ventilation and major surgical intervention, and the overall environment of neonatal intensive care, so vastly different than the experience of the infant prior to delivery and to the experience the family hoped for after their infant’s birth. This first in a three-part series of seminars will focus on how we assess and treat infants undergoing acute painful procedures.

Faculty: Dr. Roger Soll, Dr. Danielle Ehret, Dr Gautham Suresh, & Matteo Brushettini

If you have questions about the webinars please email Sharla Crowley scrowley@vtoxford.org.