New Title Registrations

Registering a New Title for a Cochrane Neonatal Review

*At this time, Cochrane Neonatal is not accepting unsolicited title requests. We are only registering new titles which have been prioritized.

Please review the library of current Cochrane Neonatal reviews before requesting a new review topic. If the topic is not yet covered, interested authors can submit a new title request. All review author teams must include a senior author with experience conducting Cochrane reviews. Title requests are reviewed quartely by the editorial team. At this time, we are only registering new titles of high priority. If interested in requesting a new diagnositc text accuracy title, please email with the title first before filling out a DTA title request form.

Review Expectations

When committing to do a Cochrane Neonatal review, please take into consideration that this is not a one-time publication. It is the responsibility of the reviewer to keep the review up-to-date according to Cochrane policy. We no longer ask authors to routinely update every two years, but we do expect updates when new trials are published that will affect the outcomes reported in the review or when new methodology requires an update.

Additionally, authors should be aware of our expected timelines.

Authors are expected to complete their protocol and submit for editorial review within three months of title registration. The completed review is due to be submitted nine months following publication of the protocol.

Cochrane Neonatal reserves the right to de-register the title or transfer the title to a new author if these deadlines are not met.